Bargaining For A New Beginning


1,000.00 500.00



Have you failed severally and feel that you have come to your wits’ end? Or you’re been castigated and
mocked for failing consistently and have been tagged a
failure? You can bargain for a new beginning right away,
the clock is ticking. There is always a beginning for any
day, week, month and year which as well can mark a
beginning of an event. Therefore, every event has a
beginning and an end. Whenever an ends comes, a new
beginning is anticipated. Every morning always marks a
beginning for a new day and every Sunday marks the
beginning of a new week. Likewise, every first day in a
month signals the beginning of a new month and the first
month of a year initiates a new year. So, let every new day,
new month and New Year be an opportunity for you to start
all over again. When you’re convinced you have come to
the end of a thing with failure. Don’t give up, it is time to start
afresh. There is a beginning and an end of everything

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