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Confront and conquer, as a slogan, has been familiar to many until the Spirit of God
ministered to me that without consolidation, whatever
we have conquered in confrontation would elude us.
Since then, my slogan has been: Confront, Conquer
and Consolidate. The Holy Spirit soon began to
minister to me to write a book on the subject.
Confront. Conquer. Consolidate. These three military
words each beginning with the letter C, sound like
thunderous commands from a General to his army on
the eve of a strategic battle that must be won at all
costs! ‘Confront the enemy. Conquer the enemy.
Consolidate upon every victory won. Leave no stones
unturned and no corners un-stoned in your quest for
victory. Do you hear me boys? “Yes Sir!” chorused the
brigade of agile soldiers each imagining what he would
do to this die-hard enemy that must be destroyed for
peace and prosperity to reign in the land.

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