Disgraced But Distinguished


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Sometimes in life’s journey, people around us Scapitalize on certain negative traits we possess,
which may have placed us in a disadvantaged
position, to disgrace, disrespect and deject us. The
experiences become more painful when people close to
us, who ordinarily should offer us succor from the attack of
the outsiders, become part of the castigating team. In such
cases, we feel like Macbeth as recorded in Shakespeare’s
Julius Caesar: when his most trusted friend Brutus, took
his turn to stab him alongside his enemies. Macbeth
lamented thus, Even you Brutus? At such moments, one
feels despised, disgruntled and humiliated.
Notwithstanding, we should learn how to live and succeed
in such hostile atmosphere knowing that such experiences
make up the chapters of the book of our life.

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